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We acknowledge that businesses today operate in a very competitive and challenging environment hence the need for a comprehensive and customized SEO shop to help them navigate the murky waters of online visibility and exposure. Search engine optimization is the avenue through which your brand as well as your products and services get noticed by your target audience. 

Our SEO services are categorized into two broad approaches; offsite and onsite SEO optimization. While onsite SEO deals with all the activities undertaken on the site being optimized, offsite SEO involve optimization efforts done on other sites other than the target site. Both of these SEO approaches complement one another and their overall target is to boost the ranking of your website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 


Why Invest in SEO Services


Search engine optimization is one of the buzzwords in the marketing and web designing fields today. There are lots of benefits businesses can enjoy by inculcating SEO into their product marketing and brand promotion efforts. Among the benefits include:


Brand Building and Visibility


A majority of customers today begin their product searches online through search engines. In order to be found by these qualified leads, you need to rank favourably for the specific search terms used by your clientele. Being visible gives you more mindshare with each prospect and hence brand authority. 


Business Credibility


Your ranking on search engine results pages is a vote of confidence. Whenever your clients and prospects see your business among the top in search results, they will view you as being credible and an authority in the particular business niche.


Traffic Generation


As opposed to inorganic listings, search engine optimization gives you natural and organic results which are much more effective. As a matter of fact, customers who come to your site through search engines are likely to buy from you and hence more qualified as leads. In addition to the above benefits, SEO has a higher return on investment compared to all forms of offline and a majority of online advertising and gives you a deeper insight into your target audience. 


The Services Offered in Our SEO Shop


Our SEO shop has a collection of services aimed at giving you a competitive edge in internet marketing and promoting your visibility for increased traffic and sales. Some of the services include:


Article Marketing and Submission


For a consumer to buy from you, they must first be educated about your products and services. Article writing, marketing and submission ensure that your audience gets informative and relevant content in the most convenient manner possible to help them make purchase decisions. These articles also contain links that direct your customers to your website hence giving you exposure and brand visibility.


Keyword Research 


Your customers use specific search terms when looking for certain products and services. Through our keyword research service, we ensure that you rank highly for the most competitive and high converting keywords. This helps in generating convertible traffic to your site. 


Link Removal 


Low quality and irrelevant backlinks can damage your site and in extreme cases it can be de-indexed from search engines databases. By identifying and removing low quality links pointing to your site, we minimize chances of you being penalized by Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. 


On Page Optimization 


This involves keyword optimization for your website content, addition of relevant description, title and keyword tags; setting up of Google and Bing Webmaster tools; creation of site maps and internal linking of your web pages. This will give your website more authority not only in the face of search engines but also before the eyes of site visitors. 

There are lots of other services that we offer and as such we invite you to sample the rest at our SEO shop!

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