7 Characteristics of Good Web Design

web designThe web is a very diverse place with different forms of web design. There are people and businesses that craft up a website just too merely present information while others put in the extra work in order to make a website look and feel good. Having a good web design in place can mean the difference between keeping customers and losing them. So, what does it mean to have a good web design?

1. Accessible Web Design

First and foremost, good web design must be accessible. People use various devices to browse the web with each device having different specifications and features such as screen size and processing capabilities. Connection speeds are also different for all these devices and having an accessible design makes it possible for your audience to look at your website from different devices while you maintain a consistent user experience across the entire audience. Responsive web design comes in useful when you are looking to create a website that is adaptable to the different device types and is one of the most used web design methodologies today. Accessible web design also applies to customers who make use of reading aids in order to browse the web. 

2. Content Layout

In addition to having a responsive design, the layout of content on a website matters a lot. Having the right content at the right place is determined by the information you wish to pass across to the users. The arrangement of web design elements such as text, images, banners and so on determines how the user will be able to take in and digest the information. Placing too much content close together is not a good design practice as the reader is usually forced to skip over the information you wish them to read. 

Arrangement of content on a website determines the way in which the readers will process the information. By having the important sections of the website stand out and convey their message clearly, your website will have set itself apart from the millions of other website designs that do not have proper content layout. Typography is also very important for a properly designed website. Having the text in an easy to read font ensures proper website access. The fonts you use on a website can determine other design factors such as aesthetics and the tone of the website. 

3. Wording of the Content

Content on a website is meant to guide the user through the product or service you offer. By having precise text that conveys information to the user in an easy and helpful manner, your audience will be able to navigate through the website in a quick manner. In most cases, internet user visit websites in order to conduct research prior to a purchase. Giving them the right content to help with their decision-making will give your brand a greater appeal in addition to winning you loyal customers. Working with a good content manager at this point can be really helpful as it will give your website the right wording that will convert customers and get you purchases. Words have a huge impact on the way in which your content will be received by the audience and the right wording goes a long way. 

4. Colour Scheme

colours for the webIn addition to text, the choice of colours during web design has a huge impact on the final result. Having a relevant and consistent colour scheme will not only make your website appealing, but it will also help in deciding other important aspects of the website such as the brand image. This mix and match of colours on a website can even determine certain things such as whether the customer will make a purchase or not. In order to settle on an appropriate colour scheme for your website, you can start from a colour wheel. This is an arrangement of colours with their complements. By having a colour wheel to work with, you can quickly decide on the right colours to work with based on your needs. Colour schemes usually depend on your brand image or logo colours but this can be dropped in favour of better colours depending on the results of the usability research.

5. Usability testing

Web design is usually a lengthy process involving a lot of prototyping and sketching in order to arrive at a final design. Throughout this process, working with professionals ensures that you get the end results you wanted. Web design companies have got the right assistance you need during the lengthy design process. User experience has a huge impact on how your audience will access content on your website. As a result, conducting usability tests for your web designs comes in handy to ensure that users will receive your website well and get the information they are looking for quickly. 

6. Looking for Information

Easy, convenient information access for all kinds of website makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for in an efficient manner. The wording of the content on the website also counts towards the final result since people browsing the web are looking for information and most of the time, they need this information quickly. Providing them with the right kind of web design will ensure that they are able to find content, make purchases and complete transactions in a smooth manner. 

7. Beautifully Crafted Content

Web browsing involves content that is not only beautifully crafted, but also useful for the reader. Working with a web design team ensures that your prototypes are brought out in clear detail and the final work is impressive enough to win you customers. Clear communication between your business and the web designers will ensure that your website is crafted the way it should be and is consistent across the entire web landscape. 

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