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DIY Logo Designs

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A Completely Free 
DIY Logo Design App

Logos play a central role in brand marketing and that is why DIY logo design apps are on the increase to help businesses in bridging the gap between customization and creativity. Logos are the single most visible graphical representation of a business within its target market. For it to have a profound impact, a logo must be well-designed and fitted to the image projected by the company.Creating a logo is quite an uphill task and can take significant amount of resources to accomplish. Small businesses and many start-ups do not have the privilege of such resources at their disposal hence the need for a cheaper yet professional option to help them design their logos. The free to use DIY logo design app from Vogue Web Services is tailor made to help businesses come up with professional and eye-catching logos online within a very short time.

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How the Logo Design APP Works

Enter your text hereThe Logo Maker app is a user-friendly solution with simple steps which give you the flexibility and creativity to design your own logo. Literally, the app puts the power in your hands to design the logo that represents your company. The design process is divided into four major steps:

Step 1  Choosing the business type: This is the first step where you type in your company name and your slogan as you want them to appear on the logo. There is the option of choosing a business type from forty categories which include audio, video, auto and business and much more. Each of these categories has Forty SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icons in the gallery to help you choose the best.

Step 2 – Choosing the logo concept: When you pick the business type, there is a Next button that leads you to the logo concept. This stage basically shows you different combinations of SVG icons, your company name and slogan so as to pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Step 3 – Editing the logo position: Logo positioning is very important and this DIY logo design app gives you 9 positioning options. You can also eliminate the slogan at this stage so as to remain only with the company name and icon.

Step 4 – Editing the logo concept: This is the final stage in the logo design process. It allows you to add text to the logo. The text comes with various effects including 8 font types, a wide range of font size (maximum 200 and minimum 7), text colour, glow filter, and glow colour. 

You can also make your text into an arch with various start and end points. At this stage, you can also introduce your customized image to replace the icon, add symbols and move the objects on the logo either up or down one layer. After you are done with the design process, you can save your logo in three different formats; PDF, PNG or JPG.

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Features and Benefits 
of the Logo APP

There are various features and benefits that make this DIY logo design app one of the most outstanding in the market. Some of these features include:

A rich graphic library – Based on your business type, you can choose different types of fonts, icons and symbols from the graphic library. These help in making your logo unique. The icons in the logo maker are in SVG format thus making them easy to manipulate and to change the colour of individual parts of the picture.

Unlimited downloads – Once you are pleased with your logo design, you can straightaway download your file by the click of a mouse. Downloads can be in JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

Free to use – Unlike other logo makers in the market, this logo maker app is free to use and you do not have to input your email to save your logo or use this logo maker.

Customer-friendly – Even if you have never designed a logo, this logo maker does not intimidate you but rather gives you an easy to follow design technology that guides you through the process.

Simple and clean – This DIY Logo Design app helps you to build logos that are free of clutter and heavy effects which make it easier for you to receive much more
 recognition. The logos are sleek, minimal and convey a modern aesthetic.Combined with a wide range of colour choice and outstanding logo design topography, this DIY logo design app embraces every essence of your brand image and positioning.Below are videos of our Logo Maker in action these videos will guide you through all the features that are available and give you a better insight into how to use the logo maker.

Our Logo Maker is completely free to use with no email need to use or to save your new logo design. There are no restrictions on the size you save your logo in and you can save the new logo in PNG, JPG and a PDF format. To use the logo maker click the link now!

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Video Tutorials On Our Logo Application

Getting Started

Editing the SVG Picture and Text

Add Text and Images 

Text Effects Options

Adding SVG and Selecting Individual SVG Parts